Raúl Pérez


Raúl Pérez is one of Spain’s brightest winemaking stars, a national treasure of Spain much like Rafael Nadal. Born into a Bierzo winemaking family, he has established his own winery in the region and now oversees production of his family’s wines at Castro Ventosa.


He started winemaking in a garage back in 2002 with a bunch of good Albariño and a handful of 750 litres barrels, including hard work, lots of encouragement and an underwater ageing process that revolutionizes the art of winemaking.

Unafraid of failure and pushing boundaries, he has taken the art of winemaking to a new level. Raúl Pérez is driven and his top-quality wines, with a limited production, prove it. There are many talents who grew up with vines, who innovate, who study intently the world’s wines and their making. Raúl has this and more: an uncanny knack for knowing what a vineyard needs and how to treat that vineyard’s grapes once in the winery to achieve their greatest expression. He believes that wine is made in the vineyard, but is undeterred from trying a multitude of strategies to find that vineyard’s voice.

Raúl Pérez is a wine legend. He makes the most “unusual wines in the world”.

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